I have come across an amazing documentary film American Gospel looking at mainstream Christianity and churches in America and how it has strayed away from the core protestant essentials of true and biblical Christianity.

There’s a free video on Youtube below for the first hour of the first film called American Gospel: Christ Alone; you can purchase the full version of here, plus a sequel called American Gospel: Christ Crucified here focusing on the core doctrine of why Jesus had to die.


Extremely well done, and for anyone who’s had the feeling in mainstream Christianity that something is just not right, then this is a must.

I’ve also quickly listed any connected persons that I’ve come across online, either staring within these or linked to and endorsing:

Doreen Virtue – saved from the New Age scene and now being able to see how this is influencing Christianity nowadays

Melissa Doughty – again with a New Age background and now identifying influences like the New Thought & Age, Word of Faith, Prosperity Gospel, Spiritualism, and NAR (New Apostolic Reformation)

Costi Hinn – the nephew of the famous Benny Hinn who is now away from his family's mainstream prosperity and healing ministry, with a great testimony here and also here.

Mike Winger – a clever guy who goes into great detail on subjects and being able to explain biblical truths clearly

Alistair Begg – a reformed pastor in the states

Alisa Childers – famous Christian pop artist who now looks at how Progressive Christianity stems from Reformed Christianity

Justin Peters - who suffers from a condition that was not healed at mainstream events and has investigated the claims of the modern movements, with a good Clouds Without Waters series explaining.

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