This video is in memory of my dad, Philip Nuttall, who suddenly passed away in early 2020, and something he stood for most of his life – the Christian faith. In particular, he felt called to be a faithful preacher of God’s Word and was involved with preaching in the Wesleyan Reform Union of churches for over 50 years (half a century).

He was not perfect by any means, and of course, others may not share this view of the Christian faith – but it is honouring to him and what he stood for, to try and explain such Christian faith in the most straight forward and clearest way as possible.

Therefore, two aspects of this are important.

Firstly, to use the ‘tools’ that my dad made himself many decades ago, to demonstrate the gospel of Jesus Christ to children and church congregations – those who knew Philip would appreciate his love of cars and practical things.

Secondly, to film this video at the former Wesleyan Reform chapel that he was actively involved with, as a representation of the many chapels and congregations that he was part of and preached at over the decades.

For this particular building in Salem Barnsley, he was involved in the sale of the building in 2019 to a local evangelical church, Love Life UK Church, where Philip's experience in legal, charity and community projects over his working life was also helpful.

Plus, the pastor of this new church, Bruce Dyer, knew Philip from many years previously and has a great testimony of how he became a Christian in 1998 as a professional footballer in the UK. This is a real-life belief and experience of being a Christian, that is available to everyone.

Therefore, in this video of just over twenty minutes; the history of Philip, this building and connections with the famous Chinese missionary James Hudson Taylor and Bruce Dyer are covered – before then explaining the Christian faith in simple terms through the practical gadgets from Philip, the real-life experience of Bruce, and as outlined in the Bible as the Word of God.

If people do want to find out more about this, then they can contact me, Philip’s son, or Bruce Dyer for more information, resources, and help – links to these are below. Everyone needs to have the opportunity to hear the Christian gospel clearly explained to them in order for them to make their own decision; therefore, any queries, no matter how trivial or major, are welcome.

In loving memory of Philip Nuttall, a faithful preacher of God’s Word for over 50 years – and in honour of Jesus Christ who saves all those who turn to Him.

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” – John 3:16


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