Christianity Explained, introduction

According to Wikipedia, a ‘Christian’ is someone who is ‘based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ’. Christianity is, therefore, a unique religion in that it believes that everything hinges upon what Jesus Christ has done for us, not about what we have to do for God, hence the ‘Christ-ian’ name.

Here are the top 10 basic principles and steps of Christianity, all in a natural order, from understanding the basic principles of God to living after becoming a Christian. The first five go through the basics until you become a Christian, and the later five describe what you do after you become a Christian.

Breaking this down even further, points one to three are more principles and beliefs that you take on board. Points four to six are all about how you first respond to these and become a Christian, and then points seven to ten finish by describing what your new Christian life looks like.

Each point within these sections has this layout:

1. A question - asking a genuine enquiry.

2. A Bible quote - to read to discover the answer, as it is essential to see where this comes from God's inspired Word.

3. The answer should be as short as possible and read-only as confirmation of what you have already discovered with previous Bible verses.

This also works with two people. Someone who is already a Christian can show another person these beliefs by first asking the question. The other person can then read the Bible verse aloud, and either one can then read and speak the written answer after first discussing the answer.

Here are the ten parts:

1. God is good

2. What went wrong

3. The good news

4. Repentance

5. Believe and accept

6. Baptism

7. Growing in Christ

8. Other believers

9. A changing Christian

10. End times

There is also a post here summarising what Christians believe using the analogy of a set of traffic lights, referring back to the ten parts of the Christianity Explained study.

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